DIY Teeth Whitening Versus In Office Teeth Whitening Cosmetic dentistry

Are you ashamed of your deeply stained teeth? Has this become a great source of insecurity? If yes, you’re not alone. Millions of people all over the world also feel the same way about their teeth. The good news is you can overcome this insecurity if you visit and have your teeth professionally whitened. Now before you say no and hoard boxes of DIY teeth whitening kits in supermarkets do understand that attempting to whiten your teeth yourself comes with risks and this practice is highly discouraged by dental health professionals because of its dangers.

While at may be tempting to purchase affordable over-the-counter DIY teeth whitening kits (we can’t blame you because the ads posted online were indeed so convincing), this may not be your best option. The safest and most effective way to achieve a bright and brilliant smile is getting an in-office teeth whitening.

Check out the common hazards of DIY teeth whitening products:

Whitening Strips – whitening strips are convenient and cheap, which makes them appealing to consumers. As a matter of fact, there were actually quite a number of them that vouch for the efficacy of these strips. The only problem is that when you overuse these strips they can destroy your teeth and cause painful tooth sensitivity. Also, since these strips won’t be able to cover all areas of your teeth, uneven color is expected.

Whitening Toothpaste – whitening toothpaste is one of the most popular teeth whitening solutions since time immemorial. These toothpastes contain special ingredients that are responsible for brightening your smile. Unfortunately, regular use of whitening toothpaste will take a toll on your enamel by wearing it down. Sure, this toothpaste can whiten your teeth but it also puts you at risk of developing cavities.

Why should you choose an in-office teeth whitening treatment?

First of all, with an in-office teeth whitening treatment you are guaranteed results. Basically, you are investing in a treatment that you know is going to work. This is definitely not the case for DIY teeth whitening products. With state-of-the-art tools and equipment, your cosmetic dentist is able to help you achieve a brighter smile up to 10 shades lighter even with a single appointment.

DIY teeth whitening kits contain very low doses of whitening components so you may not be able to achieve the whiteness you want with a single application. Reapplying these whitening agents may also be harmful to your teeth. The best thing about entrusting your teeth to a cosmetic dentist is that he or she knows the exact dosage to use that will whiten your teeth according to your specifications using techniques that will not harm your teeth in any way.

Yes, we’re not going to lie to you, you can purchase whitening gels at pharmacies but the problem is unless you’re a cosmetic dentist, you won’t be able to know what dose is enough to whiten your teeth. Meanwhile, if you have your teeth professionally whitened, your cosmetic dentist will customize the dosage to suit your needs and ensure that your enamel is safe.

The results will blow you away. If you’re the impatient one who wants to see results fast then your best bet is to book an in-office teeth whitening treatment with your trusted cosmetic dentist. With DIY teeth whitening kits you’ll have to wait for weeks to be able to see results.


Don’t risk your health and your safety. If you want to have peace of mind knowing that your enamel and soft tissues are intact, you should call your cosmetic dentist for an appointment instead of purchasing over-the-counter whitening kits.