Life sciences, What are five recruitment strategies or methods?  

The current job market is very competitive with numerous vacancies. However, the big question is how many attract the right candidates. Recruiters tend to struggle to find and recruit the right candidates for the job, making the correct approach to hiring the best talent vital.

The market has a vast talent pool, and the wrong move can result in losing a suitable candidate. Having a solid and well-planned employer branding strategy will help you stand out and attract the best talent in your industry.

That being said, here are some of the best recruitment strategies you can implement today and attract the best talent.

Broader Job Vacancy

Job hunters look for clarity in job posts in regards to the career opportunities, pay scale, company history, profile, etc. As a recruiter, you should provide a clear picture of everything required in the job post. It’s important that you communicate the job requirements clearly and also how one can benefit from that profile.

There are numerous ways to create a job post that stands out. Include your organization’s culture, including the perks employees are entitled to and how they have a life-work balance. It’s also a good idea to include a short clip or a link to your company’s career blog in order to express these additional points.

Campus Recruiting

Colleges are packed with young and dynamic talents that show incredible enthusiasm. This is an excellent way to recruit both students and recent graduates. Here are some of the best ways to attract young talents on campus:

-Hold seminars and workshops in various universities to showcase your organization plus career opportunities.

-Get your company featured in campus newspapers or magazines

-Sponsor cultural events in colleges

-Offer internship opportunities where the interested can intern with your organization

-Invite campus students for an industry tour to learn more about your company functioning and structure.

Top companies such as Google, Facebook, and Mircosoft hire some brimming talents every year from universities only.

Social Media Recruiting

In this day and age, the HR team should be active enough on social media with the aim of attracting the best talent. According to statistics, over 80% of people looking for jobs usually do so using social media. Your HR team should look for potential candidates on social media platforms and encourage them to apply. Build a strong connection and reputation on social media and you’ll have potential candidates flocking to apply in no time.

There are numerous agencies that can teach you the art of using social media to market yourself as an enchanting recruiter. These experts know how to publicize companies of the various social media platforms and use them to post job opportunities that stand out. With their help, you can even become a member of employment groups and pages.

Add Perks

Big shots such as Facebook and Google are dream companies for everyone looking for a job. But why is this? Well, it all boils down to their work environment. Appealing and well-maintained workplace area, buffet meals, family holidays, both side cab facilities, allowances, bonuses, and health insurance policies are just a few of the perks that these companies offer, thus attracting new talent and retaining their best employees.

Holding Competitions

There is no denying that digital media is the primary source for finding jobs nowadays. You can leverage this and organize online talent hunt programs for professionals and students to participate and showcase their skills.

Last but not least, you’ll want to flaunt your needs in a manner that presents opportunities one cannot miss. Keep in mind that you’re marketing yourself as a brand. So, be tactful when doing this and you’ll be able to recruit the right talent.

As Senior Partner of one of the world’s top Life Sciences headhunting firms (, Olivier Isaac SAFIR advises CEOs, Board Members and Investors of the Biotech and Pharma arenas in the US, Europe and Israel.